10 Must-Haves For New Parents!

Being a new parent is a daunting task, it is a beautiful and scary time filled with questions and decisions that you never knew existed until now; which buggy do I buy? Which bottles do I get? Do I need bottles? What the hell is nipple cream? It’s a challenge, but a challenge that can be the most rewarding one of your life.


Thankfully for new parents, the world is full of wonderful things that can help them with all of their new challenges and provide them with the answers to questions that they didn’t even know existed a few months ago. Below is a list of 10 things that our community and we loved as new mums, and we think you will love them too! So, while your pickle sleeps, sit back and relax and have a look at our list for the must-haves for new mums. 


Tommee Tippee: The perfect prep machine, which is something a lot of new parents think they don't need, but it's actually life changing when you are bottle feeding! There's no waiting for bottles to cool! The greatest thing ever during night feeds!


Sleepyhead of Sweden: This is a pricey investment, but it was so worth it for me as a travelling mum! You can use it anywhere so in the early days it doubled as a travel cot/Moses basket when travelling. It made me feel so much better about co-sleeping and Paddy was just generally happier in it.


Bugaboo Cameleon 3: Just a beautiful pushchair that is versatile, stylish and comfortable for your little one. This pushchair is marketed to parents that are fashion conscious, which may put some people off, but it is durable and can really go anywhere, perfect for anyone wanting to push it down the road less-travelled with them.


Dr Brown Bottles: Again, these only apply if bottle feeding, but helped amazingly with the boy's colic and wind! They aren’t overly expensive either, not for the comfort that they provided anyway! They are well worth looking into if you are thinking of bottle feeding, you can find them just about anywhere on the high street. 


Lanolish Nipple Cream: This is an excellent cream for sore and cracked nips. It is soothing and can prevent further cracking. It is the best nipple cream on the market, in my opinion, and when we had finished breastfeeding, it doubled up as an excellent lip balm!


Weleda Baby Tummy Massage Oil: Sooooo good for helping constipation and sore tummies. Also, as touch is the first communication for a baby, the tummy massage oil gives you a great way of interacting with them and touching their cute little tummy too! Plus, it’s perfectly safe for little skin. In fact, all of the Weleda baby range is!


Changing Backpack: There are so many lovely brands of changing bags, so it's hard to find the right one for you. Tiba and Marl backpacks, for instance, are wonderful, but pricey so we both opted for plain Amazon ones! They are so functional and practical, excellent for dads and you can still use them as they get bigger or for grown-up stuff. I love anything with longevity, and this is a sure winner!


Ergo 360 baby carrier: This cost more than Paddy’s pushchair, but we invested because it's rated one for the best for supporting baby's hips (and parents backs). I am so glad we invested as this has seen us through a lot of Europe and Asia. Plus, living close to London, it's loads better than a pushchair on the tube! This allowed us and Paddy to see the world at the same time and I will always be grateful for that.


Water wipes: We started using these as they are just made of water really (and I'm allergic to most baby wipes) but one year in and I'm addicted! It sounds daft, but they are so wet they lift spillages out of clothes, I use them on Paddy's face without them making him rashy (and sometimes my own) I just love them! When we aren't away, we use reusable ones to try and do our bit for the environment and to save money which I also love, but for on the go, water wipes are fantastic!


Swaddle blankets: lightweight muslin cotton or bamboo swaddles are wonderful as they double up as a blanket and play mat. They also work great for wiping up any spills or sick! I drape them over the pram if it's too sunny (not completely obviously, I still want him to breathe) and to actually swaddle Paddy at night. We love them so much we are doing our own range coming soon! They are perhaps the most versatile item on this list, and if you are a travelling mum like me, they should be your next purchase!



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