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We rely on wild spaces to rejuvenate and restore us, those places also rely on us to look after them.

Sadly there are many people not respecting this beautiful planet we call home. We have a major litter problem here in the UK. If you are following me on Instagram you will know how passionate my family is about this matter. I'm Marnie, mama to one big and one small, 9 year old Joshua and 4 year old Ember. My father (a North Tyneside council worker) has spent his whole life cleaning up after other people and always taught me that littering was wrong. Please teach your kids from a young age and set a good example for them to follow.


Park Clean up


The big clean up is a project created by my son, Joshua.

He voluntarily started raising awareness of our litter problem back in May. This started as a week long charity event where he cleaned up 50 bags of litter within a week whilst raising money for The Wildlife Trusts. Every day he headed to a different location, he covered our local beaches, woodland areas and the streets where we live with a little help from me and his little sister.

                  Eco-friendly kid             

Plastic Free Kids

The big clean up is an ongoing project, which Joshua is very passionate about. Our next step is to arrange a regular clean up group and in the mean time we are cleaning every day as we pass things. Not only are we tidying up our favourite places we are making them safer for the wildlife that live here. 

Plastic Clean up on beach

He hopes to inspire many others to do the same. So why not grab your friends and do a clean up of your own in your local area. If we all come together we can make a difference.

Litter Pick Kids


As it's summer here in the UK and the weather is nice, adventures are a regular occurrence. Mother Nature has provided us with wonderful surroundings to explore, learn from and play in. It doesn't matter if you prefer the coast or the countryside there are a few simple things you need to think about before you head out on your next adventure:

1. Dispose of your waste. Either in bins provided or take it home.

2. Ditch single use plastic water bottles and take a reusable bottle instead.

3. Pick up your dog crap! In compostable bags and dispose of them in the bins provided.

4. Respect the wildlife. This is their home. You wouldn't want people coming in and trashing your house now would you?

5. Respect other visitors.

6. Keep camp fires small. Use rocks to make a fire ring and be selective with fire wood. Only gather sticks you have found on the ground and burn everything to ash before putting the fire out.

If we all follow these simple steps we can enjoy our beautiful country without damaging it.


One last tip from me before I go, carry an old tote bag with you. Kids are champion snackers and snacks often come in packaging. Pack all this away in your tote and dispose of correctly. 

Have fun this summer, stay safe, stay kind, remember a true explorer leaves no trace and        Mother Nature and future generations will thank you.



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