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So some of you may have noticed me harping on about our upcoming travels. In March we off to live the (my) dream in Asia until early July. I am so so excited but we have a lot to sort before we go. As a little intro, I am going to post our planned schedule, it could change a little but we have to have a plan of sorts. I am going to try and post a lot more frequently on here as I will use it to document our travels a little and hopefully inspire families to travel a little more as it is definitely easier than you think! The way I see it is as soon as you have a small your life becomes approximately 100 times harder, so yes that means holidays are harder but if your life is going to be hard at home you may as well be enjoying it (or feeling miserable) somewhere amazing.

So when we go Paddy will have just turned 2, I have included here some pictures from last years trip (he had just turned 1) and Rafferty will be 12 weeks. In some ways I think Paddy will be a little easier this time as he is talking so can be persuaded (bribed) not to do things but my theories don't always work out so well......I think other than feeding and the logistics of that (we are bottle feeding) Raff is at a great age for travel as he's so portable and yet to form opinions on things, very unlike his brother. We are always on the hunt for baby travel items so any suggestions below would be grand!

Our itinerary:

March 18th Fly to Bangkok via Dubai with Emirates. Emirates are in my opinion the best kid-friendly airline, we have opted for an afternoon/evening flight in the hope we can retain a little bit of a routine for Paddy's sleep


March 20th-March 26th Krabi Thailand


March 26th-31st March Siem Reap, Cambodia


March 31st-May 30th-We have an apartment in Bangkok for 2 we have various visitors we will be making some trips from Bangkok during this, so far we have Chaing Mai, Koh Chang, Hanoi and possibly Kuala Lumpur on the cards.


May 30th-June 8th Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An Central Vietnam


June 8th-June 11th-Hong Kong


June 11th-June 18th Tokyo


June 18th-July 3rd-As it stands we have the last two weeks open, we will spend some, maybe all of it back in Bangkok but I also really want to go back to Bali and also see Kuala Lumpur and Borneo so a bit torn on that at the minute.


Most of this has been done with budget airlines (love a bit of AirAsia) and we have booked a combination of Airbnb's and Hotels. I will post more specifics and a breakdown on each place over the coming weeks. 


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